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Mliss Vcarè Soothing & Repairing Face Masks

Mliss Vcarè Soothing & Repairing Face Masks

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Suitable for all ages, especially teenagers or people who experience acne issues. 




- Hydration

- Repairing

- Whitening

- Oil Control

- Treats Acne

- Cell Renewal (new)

- Anti-Aging (new)

- Reduce Pores

- Lighten Scars

- Relieve Inflammation


🧡 Medical grade mask

🧡 100% natural ingredients

🧡 No alcohol or other harmful substances

🧡 Suitable for all skin types including acne prone skin & sensitive skin

🧡 Suitable for young children and pregnant mummies

🧡 Suitable for people who have undergone facial microsurgery


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