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Moliee++ Cleansee

Moliee++ Cleansee

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🍷 Cleansee is the ultimate gut cleanser and beauty supplement that will improve the overall condition of your system.

It helps to promote better Sleep, Mood, and detoxes your body as well as improving your skin condition! With patented ingredients that aids with weight loss, reduce appetite, lower cholesterol, improve rheumatism, and even relieve intestinal problems.

✅ Natural Ingredients/extract
✅ Patented Ingredient(s) E.g, Neopuntia - USA
✅ No Sugar Added
✅ No Chemical Ingredients
✅ Delicious peach/passionfruit flavour

Benefits of Cleansee:
🍑 Promotes bowel movement
🍑 Improves Digestion
🍑 Better quality sleep + mood
🍑 Helps Metabolism
🍑 Helps individual manage high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and hangovers
🍑 Treats IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation)

Contains many antioxidants and patented cactus extract 🌵 that’s highly prized in the supplement market. Improves not only gut health, but sleep, mood and skin too.

Very natural and classy flavour, no artificial taste.

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