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TORA Kiwi Reboot

TORA Kiwi Reboot

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for detox & healthy weight management 

Usually after taking kiwi reboot you will have a bowel movement in 8-12 hours.

Kiwi Reboot contains a lot of crazily good ingredients. It contains 17 types of enzyme and it doesn’t require a shaker to consume it! So it gives convenience to consumers, *it eliminates* the use of shakers and still delivers the efficiency. 

And because it doesn’t require shakers, you don’t have to consume large amount of water before bed. This addresses the concerns of *multiple visits to the toilet every night and waking up with a bloated face due to water retention.*

It is travel friendly* and it can be consumed on-the go. You can take it even when you’re out. 

This detox also have a very smooth Jelly-like texture and it is super yummy.

Best part is that when our founder Celestina developed this product, she specifically requested that this detox doesn’t cause intense pain as compared to other products to users but still delivers the result. It is enough to stimulate your stomach to make you want to pass motion. Just like a regular tummy ache. 

It helps with bloatedness, increase metabolism, improve gut health, cleanse your colon, block sugars, reduce fats, break down fats particles and a lot more.

With groundbreaking technology, we've also the uniqueness to our latest products that comes with *Eye Care benefits* for our consumers. Carefully sourced and patented from JAPAN. With increasing exposure due to modern lifestyle habits, *Blue Light Exposure* has become an issue that people have started to take notice. 




🥝 Question 1:

Will drinking alcohol prolong the duration of a bowel movement?


Different amounts of alcohol and alcohol concentration can affect the peristaltic speed, water secretion and absorption of the intestines, prolonging bowel movements or creating both constipation or diarrhea.



The large intestine has three major functions, including: peristalsis, water collection from feces, and water secretion from the intestine, which can change the shape of feces (constipation or diarrhea-like).

When the large intestine is active, the stool stays in the intestine for a shorter period of time, and the water is not completely absorbed, plus the intestine will secrete water, which will cause soft stools or watery stools, that is, diarrhea. On the contrary, when the bowel movement is slow, the stool stays in the intestine for a longer period of time, and the water is absorbed continuously, plus the intestinal water secretion is insufficient, it will form dry and hard stools, and even cause constipation.


Suggestion: When you have problems with bowel movement or constipation after drinking alcohol, it is recommended to take more water to promote smooth bowel movement.

🥝 Question 2:

If customers were to ask, when is the best time to take kiwi reboot at night? 

Answer : 1 hour before bedtime 🩷

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