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Colleet Beavi 9

Colleet Beavi 9

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BEAVI 9 is a treasure trove of premium natural herbs and ingredients carefully handpicked across Asia and Japan that help to boost vitality and immunity.

Benefits of Beavi 9
♥️ Contains powerful antioxidants that help to protect & boost the immunity system
♥️ Improves vitality & enhances blood circulation
♥️ Boosts energy level & reduces fatigue level
♥️ Helps to enhance muscle recovery
♥️ Strengthens the body & improves stamina
♥️ Keeps the body warm through the process of thermogenesis, & prevents cold hands & feet
♥️ Improves metabolism & nutrition absorption

Intensive boost: 2 sticks daily
For post-op recovery or post-pregnancy care: 2 Sticks after the first meal
Regular maintenance: 1 stick daily 1 Stick after the first meal

Ensure adequate hydration
For best results & efficient body detoxification
Consume directly or mix with 100ml of warm water Best consume immediately upon opening

•Body feels more energised.
•Boosts energy level and reduces fatigue level.

• Vitality improved and body feels stronger
• Blood circulation improved
• Menstrual discomfort reduced
• Fatigue levels reduced

• Metabolism rate increased
• Body feels warmer - More comfort for cold hands & feet
• Stamina improved
• Body can absorb nutrients better

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