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Colleet Glow - LT+

Colleet Glow - LT+

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💙 GLOW - LT+ is an innovative beauty supplement that combines brightening, moisturising and rejuvenating, 3 efficacy in 1 product. Specially formulated by R&D experts and backed with science.

With high-purity glutathione and clinically-proven ingredients from Europe and Asia, GLOW - LT+ gives you a smooth and radiant glow in just 21 days.

👸🏻For Beauty 😍
● Lightens & brightens skin tone
● Even-out skin complexion
● Reveals radiance
● Lighten pigmentations, age-spots & scars
● Reduce acne and blemishes
● Boost skin’s moisture level
● Fight free radical
● Shield against UVA and UVB
● Reduce breakdown of collagen and
● Increase collagen production to maintain
skin elasticity

⭐️ Extra Benefits:
● Boosts immune system
● Prevents hangover 🍻
● Relieves eczema, rosacea & rashes
● Prevents Fatty liver
● Serves as an oral sunscreen

Direction of use
● Intensive treatment: 1 sachet before the first meal of the day and 1 sachet before bedtime
● Maintenance: 1 sachet before the first meal of the day
● Best consumed directly and immediately to prevent oxidation
● Ensure adequate hydration for best results and ef antly
● Body feels more energised
● Boosts energy level & reduces fatigue
● Efficient body detoxification
● Avoid pouring too much at once to prevent choking
● Take 1 sachet after alcoholic drinks to prevent hangover the next day

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