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MINS Silk Water Ampoule Mask Series

MINS Silk Water Ampoule Mask Series

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MINS Silk Water Ampoule Mask Series


1 box of 4pcs Single Function $26
1 carton of 40pcs Single Function/ All 4 Functions $155

MINS AMPOULE MASK is a one-stop skincare solution.
Firstly, it aims to 'Calm' the deeper layers of the skin, allowing for enhanced 'Hydro Boosting'. Once the skin is healthy, it can better absorb 'Brightening' essences and effectively support 'Anti-Aging' benefits."

MINS has launched a total of
4 AMPOULE MASK series:

💙 Hydro Boosting > Deep hydrating
💚 Calming > Repairing & Calming
🩷 Brightening > Bamboo Charcoal Brightening
💜 Anti-Aging > Rejuvenating Peptides

MINS masks are 0 burden! Our masks are made of real silk, thin and fit and can carry more essence! MINS's 7 0s:

🚫 allergenic ingredients
🚫 fluorescent agents
🚫 alcohol
🚫 hormones
🚫 pigments
🚫 fragrances
🚫 heavy metals

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